Handweaving & clothing from Donegal, Ireland

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Excerpt from Blog: 5 Donegal Experiences - Local, traditional and inspirational

Tristan Donaghy, Studio Donegal: How much do you love tweed?

The Cutting Room at Studio Donegal with tweed jackets hanging on clothes rails
Inside the Cutting Room at Studio Donegal


If you're like me, you'll be in awe of the set up at Studio Donegal. Every single step from sheep to shoulder takes place under one roof in the Gaeltacht village of Kilcar.

Moira Ni Ghallachoir & Tristan Donaghey at Studio DonegalThe collection is superb, I loved the styling. I got a full tour of the place. I was pissed off I didn't have my own Donegal Tweed jacket on, its an heirloom at this stage but I treasure it.

(Picture Right: Blogger Moira Ni Ghallachoir & Tristan Donaghey at Studio Donegal)

Watching people working at this craft is an art in itself, I met John, an employee of Studio Donegal who's been weaving happily all his life.

This family business is founded on tradition, inspired by place and is is so much more than a shop, its an authentic experience. Love love love.

Tristan mentioned looking for people to learn this craft Go visit Studio Donegal.

Treat yourself. Tweed would be the most awesome Christmas gift ever! Dear Santa.....




Blog MNG.ie, November 20, 2015