What are your opening hours?

9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday during the off-season.
10am –5pm Saturday opening during the high-season. (Easter – End October).
Our weavers finish work at 5pm Monday – Thursday, 4pm Fridays.

Do you do mill tours?

Yes and No. All visitors to our mill are welcome to take a free self-guided tours of the works,  where they can see the hand weaving and garment making in progress. Our team of skilled  craft workers are happy to chat and explain the works in progress.

Guided tours can be arranged by contacting us in advance of arrival.

How much do you charge for a guided tour?

We never charge for tours, we are a genuine working mill, making all our products here, so we are not arranging demonstrations, we are just at our daily work, hand weaving and garment making.

Where do you source your yarn?

Our garments are genuinely made right here in our mill in Kilcar, we have our own sewing room with a small team of skilled garment makers, who cut and make all our garments on-site.

Do you ship Worldwide?


What are your shipping costs?

Our websites automatically calculates the cost of shipping when you input your order and your delivery address.

Is all your tweed hand woven?

Yes, absolutely, we are a authenic hand weaving operation, dedicated to preserving the traditional craft of hand weaving, which we feel is a huge part of our cultural heritage.

How much yarn do I need to knit a sweater/scarf/hat/cushion?

This is a question we get asked a lot! While we usually try to answer as best as we can, there the answer is: we don’t know! Well, not for certainty, a sweater for example could take anywhere from 500g to 1200g, depending on the size and intricacy of pattern. A plain knit sweater for a petite woman is going to take a lot less than a very patterned, say Aran pattern for a 6’ 6” man! Your knitting pattern should state the amount needed, and ideally you  should have a pattern, unless you are an expert knitter. In that case you would probably have a good idea how much you will need!